We are two 40 and 50 somethings embarking on a (mostly) overland journey from Richmond in North Yorkshire to Kiama in NSW, Australia.

There will be a few ferries thrown in and even a couple of flights to save a bit of time and to avoid some lengthy bits of water that might be a bit too rough for our liking.

Our aim is to arrive in Australia at about the same time as our belongings, which are being sent by freight ship and due to arrive by Christmas 2014.

We’ll be writing a lot about our main interests:

Simon has a taste for good coffee, tea and cake and has been writing about these for several years now.

Anita is a keen knitter, has an active Ravelry page, and will be writing about all things yarn and textile-related.


5 thoughts on “About

    • Sounds good. Glad we can be useful and wish you good luck in Bishkek. Coffee is great there; and there was yarn; plus there’s always the English language quiz if you need contact with other anglophones…

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