Angkor Wat in Cambodia – one of this journey highlights – the pics

We spent just one day at and around the Angkor Wat complex near Siem Reap in Cambodia. It was one of the highlights of our 25-country journey and we were both trigger-happy on the cameras. This blog post just shows our favourite sights…

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Inside Angkor Wat

View from top of Angkor Wat


We opted not to go for the balloon view of the temples, but the balloon itself made a nice shot…

Balloon over Angkor

What fascinated me was the history of the place and the fact that it changed from Buddhist to Hindu as different rulers changed their faith. That’s reflected in some of the carvings and statues around the place.


Monkey carvings at Angkor Wat



Our favourite temple was actually not Angkor Wat itself, but it was a tough call between two of the other temples we got to see. The one the modern-day authorities have left to the jungle has a certain symbolism and attraction – this could actually happen anywhere in the world, though I guess trees grow a tad faster in this climate.

Trees growing in Angkor temple



And this temple, dedicated to the four virtues of: Charity, Sympathy, Tranquillity and Compassion. Each tower has a face depicting each of the four virtues, facing in all the four directions from the temple. It is said that no human can embody all of these four virtues. Hmmm…

Charity, Sympathy, Tranquillity, Compassion at Angkor

Charity, Sympathy, Tranquillity, Compassion

It’s a fantastic place to visit, even for less than a full day.

It is extremely hot here, and I have never drunk so much water without needing to go to the loo once in seven hours. We took a guide and tuk-tuk driver for the day from our hostel, which was well worth it (though we were caught out when they suddenly downed tools and left us in a restaurant for a meal we didn’t want at 11.30am because it was their lunch time…)

We saw many tourists cycling to and round the site and the idea of doing that was very attractive if we’d had more time, though the heat may in reality make that less of a pleasure than it looked viewed from our tuk-tuk…


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