Two highlights of our journey: Bukhara and Samarkand

There isn’t much to say about Bukhara or Samarkand. They’re both places we’d been longing to see and they totally lived up to expectations. Utterly beautiful buildings in both. On the whole for this blog, I’ll let you just enjoy the pics.

Bukhara skyline


Bukhara minaret at sunset



The Ark in Bukhara had a couple of interesting stories attached to it. The original may date back over a thousand years but the Bolsheviks did their best to destroy the place shortly after the Russians came down here to include Uzbekistan in the USSR. The back side of the Ark shows a little of the state the place may have been until restoration work began a few years back.

The Ark in Bukhara - before and after recent renovations


And the front of the Ark has its own story, even more gruesome: here two British soldiers in Victorian times were publicly beheaded after digging their own graves after the local Sultan was apparently insulted because Queen Vic didn’t personally answer a missive he had sent…I wonder what different versions of that story there are…

The front of the Ark in Bukhara

The Ark in Bukhara


I preferred Bukhara for its serene beauty. But Samarkand is stunning, and the Registan quite extraordinary.

The Registan in Samarkand

Samarkand Registan

Lions that look like tigers on the Registan

Registan at sundown

And it’s not just the Registan that dominates Samarkand’s skyline.





We didn’t go into the detailed history of either city or the buildings, preferring just to drink in the beauty and enjoy the feel of two touristy towns after a week or so in more difficult countries.


Next blog: day to day pics from Uzbekistan


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