Azerbaijan in pics

We arrived in Baku at dawn on the overnight train from Russia. Baku’s old city is another UNESCO World Heritage site. Fantastic area to wander round and get lost in – in that sense it reminded me of Venice.

Old Baku city walls

Maidens Tower in Baku

The walls of old Baku

The salesmen tried to convince us that buying a carpet here was much cheaper than in Iran. We actually had no plans to buy one anyway. But loved the name of his shop…

Flying Carpets in Baku

And rather liked the hip name for the exhibition of ancient carpets.

Baku, Azerbaijan

From Baku, we got the bus down to Lankeren. We were befriended by Elsen and Murat, who insisted on taking us back to Elsen’s for some food. But first we had to buy bread. And fantastic quality it was too.

Bread in Lankeren

Made on this oven in front of us.

Bread in Lankeren

At the house we were treated to a slap up dinner

Food in the family in Lankeren

All prepared at short notice by Eslen’s Mum, who took a shine to Anita


But we met the whole family too


And were treated to a tour of the town, including our first proper sighting of the Caspian Sea

Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan

A quick view of the local football stadium

Lankeren football stadium

And say hello to Elsen’s uncle who works in the sports shop there.


I think if we’d stayed a week, we’d have known everyone in town. But Iran beckoned. And this was the rail track heading towards the border (though we got a lift there by road instead – not many trains run that way)

Railway to Iran

And we can’t leave Azerbaijan without a final pic of this local in one of Lankeren’s parks.

Sculpture in Lankeren park

Azerbaijanis like their group shots so we have requests to post all the pics taken in Lankeren with our new friends Elsen and Murat…





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