Georgia on our minds – with pics from Batumi and Tbilisi

We crossed into Georgia without too much fuss, although our bus ‘to Batumi’ abandoned us at the border control and we had to hop into a shared taxi into the town itself, following two other passengers also left behind by a hurried bus driver.

The first thing to say about Georgia is that it has the wackiest script around for a language. You may get by with spoken Russian, but cyrillic is useless when you’re confronted with words like these – and this is just on water and beer bottles…

Georgian script

Our first meal in Batumi on the Black Sea coast in Georgia was a late lunch of one of those cold soups I normally associate with Polish or Russian cuisine Delicious anyway.

Cold soup in Batumi, Georgia

Batumi was our last port of call on the Black Sea so that called for a final paddle. The beach reminded me of Brighton, though, so a bit hard on the feet for walking.

Batumi beach or Brighton beach?

Other than the beach, Batumi’s main selling point seemed to be its casinos, which were on every street corner, and we gather Donald Trump has invested heavily here. We were glad to get out and head to Tbilisi.

And even more excited to see destinations on the highway as we approached Tbilisi.

Tehran mileage sign

Tbilisi saw the first beef stew style food we’d seen since goulash behind in Budapest.

Georgian stew

Once again, we were struck by bits of history that passed us by. Who ever hears about the 1956 revolt in Tbilisi? Was it an inspiration for Hungarians later that year or should the put down have been a warning?

Tbilisi 1956

Then one of the exhibitions in the town’s main museum says a lot about Georgia’s approach to Russian rule (interesting also to note that the old Stalin museum – he was from here of course – has now been converted into shops!)

Tbilisi Museum poster

You can tell from some of the street art that Tbilisi has a bit of a quirky bohemian temperament.

Busker in the wall, Tbilisi

And this enormous bike seems now to be a main stop-off point on the city bus tour.

Big bike sculpture in Tbilisi

Some of the architecture round the capital is fabulous

Tbilisi architecture

Though a lot of it is very ramshackle now. Makes you wonder how it was in its heyday.

The ramshackle side of beautiful Tbilisi

And finally a couple of classic Tbilisi views – from the bridge into the old town.

Bridge to old town Tbilisi

And the lovely lions which guard the bridge.

Tbilisi lions

Yes, we loved Tbilisi. But wait for the next blog to hear how fantastic the tea and coffee scene is…


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