Trabzon and Rize on the Turkish Black Sea coast

Trabzon was a lively, studenty place which actually felt more western than Amasya had. Not many pics from our time in Trabzon, but there was the half day trip up to Sumela Monastery, deep in the mountains outside town. We hooked up with another British couple – Jeremy and Jane, about whom more when we post a piece on people we met on the road .

Stunning area.

The beautiful hills above Trabzon in Turkey

Incredible where monks decided to build things

Sumela Monastery near Trabzon

And once there, the beauty they created around them. Our hosts apologised for the damage to the icons…

Wall paintings at Sumela Monastery

Frescoes at Sumela Monastery in Turkey

The buskers were pretty cool up there too. Shame our musician friends weren’t along for the journey, as passers-by were asked to give the instruments a go.

Buskers at Sumela Monastery

And then up to Rize, Turkey’s tea HQ, so we’ll be covering that in the next blog post.

Tea plantations in Rize, Turkey

And we couldn’t leave Turkey without a picture of Ataturk. At least, we assume this is him. No name on the statue, in the same way statues of Robbie Burns are unnamed in Ayrshire because everyone just KNOWS it’s him…



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