Some Safranbolu snaps

With its UNESCO World Heritage status, even the public rubbish bins are worth a photo in Safranbolu

Safranbolu in Turkey

Back in the 1600s, this town was a major stop-off on the Silk Road. The old caravanserai, built in 1645, has been restored and is now a museum and hotel.

Caravanserai in Safranbolu

Great spot for a quiet cuppa too, as we’ll say in the coffee blog next

Courtyard of the Cinci Han caravanserai in Safranbolu

The local hammam, built in 1661, is famous all over Turkey, apparently. Beautiful building, though neither of us fancied the hot room…

17th century hammam in Safranbolu

1661 must have been a busy year for Safranbolu, with its main mosque also built that year.

Safranbolu's 17th century mosque

Safranbolu is the kind of place you just want to get the camera out from every angle. Even from the guest house kitchen.

View from the kitchen at Efe Pansyon in Safranbolu

But the red roofs are photogenic from all over. Rather reminded us of Tuscany


The streets are cobbled and winding with vines growing over most to keep you dry in a brief shower (though not the electric storm we witnessed on our 2nd day…)


We liked the Blacksmiths Bazaar and ended up buying a wrought iron kettle here

Blacksmiths' bazaar in Safranbolu

Though I was tempted by this 5foot high coffee pot.

Coffee pot for sale - just 5 feet high

Great place for coffee and tea too. More on that in the next blog. But just to say saffron is everywhere: in the tea, in the Turkish Delight, in the soup and in the soap. Loved it.

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