Istanbul images

So we’re in Turkey, where they fly the flag big and high – bit like USofA in that way

Turkish flag

We arrived in Istanbul at the bus station which is a chaotic madhouse on a Friday evening, with little to orientate the lost traveller. We had to go to the airport later and found they welcome everyone wonderfully there! Beautiful mosaic of Istanbul in the metro station too.

Mosaic at Istanbul metro airport

There are so many iconic shots of Istanbul – it almost forces you to take the camera out at every angle

Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Istanbul harbour

And sunset is always a special time, especially the first time you hear the call to prayer.

Sunset in Istanbul

This is clearly a cruise ship stop off point (and on our first evening we found ourselves dining alongside about 50 American cruise ship passengers from something called Smithsonian Journeys).

Cruise ships in Istanbul

We preferred the more humble ferry over to Kadikoy, the Asian side, but it felt a lot more European than the intense, rabbit warren of Sultanahmet.

Ferry to Kadikoy on Asian side of Istanbul

Our favourite spot on the European side was the spice market – makes you want to taste everything

Spices in the spice market

The fruit juice stalls are pretty good, too

Juice stall

And the tea, of course, but more of that in the tea blog later.

Teas in the spice market, Istanbul

After our cruise ship dining experience (in a kebab shop, mind you – but kebab means meat I think and is a posh restaurant unless it says ‘Doner’), we ate fish sandwiches by the Galata Bridge. We assume these guys caught the fish

Fishing off Galata Bridge Istanbul

…And passed them to the people cooking on three boats by the bridge.

Hubbub by the fish boats at Galata Bridge

Final image from istanbul. I don’t normally take photos in men’s toilets, but was fascinated by the foot stools and washing facilities for use before prayer I guess…

Foot wash stools in men's toilets Istanbul

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