The Black Sea pics

We got to the Black Sea coast of Romania a little later than planned after the mobile-phone-left-in-hotel incident. So we didn’t get to see the sea till the next morning. The beach at Constanta was a bit grubby but very peaceful.

The Black Sea at Constanta

My feet were a bit camera shy but Anita’s toes went looking for the limelight…

Dipping feet in the Black Sea

Then it was straight off to Varna in Bulgaria, though not without the shock of finding none of the ‘scheduled’ buses left after 10am, so we had to get a ride from a rogue taxi driver. Once in Varna, the change of script makes it feel further east.

McDonalds in cyrillic

And the churches too

Orthodox church in Varna, Bulgaria

The Romans came here though…

Roman baths in Varna

And this is the modern version of the baths. Sadly we couldn’t get in because there was a kiddies’ carnival on that afternoon. But fabulous on the shores of the Black Sea.

Open air pool in Varna by the Black Sea

But our visit to Varna was also short-lived. A quick coffee chatting to an English couple, who have doggie connections to Beverley in East Yorkshire, and then onto the bus for Istanbul…

Metro Turizm bus from Varna to Istanbul


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