Transylvania photos

We were already officially in Transylvania when we got to Cluj, but for most Brits, Transylvania conjures up thoughts of vampires and a certain Count, made famous in the novel by Bram Stoker. Of course he never came to Romania, but that doesn’t stop Sighisoara from playing up the Dracula connections. Sighisoara is a lovely mediaeval town in its own right…

Sighisoara in Transylvania


But we kind of liked its Dracula connections, or rather the fact that Vlad the Impaler came from here, even if there is no evidence that Vlad had any link to Dracula in Stoker’s eyes.

Vlad Dracula's house in Sighisoara


I dined on Dracula Stew in the restaurant where Vlad had lived.

Dracula Stew in Sighisoara

Even our hotel round the corner gave the room a goth feel

Hotel in Sighisoara


This Orthodox Church in Sighisoara seemed to be broadcasting a call to prayer on the morning we left town, or maybe they just put the services on a loudspeaker for passers-by to take note.

Orthodox church in Sighisoara


And on to Brasov. Like most towns and villages in Transylvania, this place had an old German name, Kronstadt.

Kronstadt now called Brasov

Kronstadt now Brasov

Many Dracula lovers come to Brasov to visit Bran Castle, though this is more of a fake themed vampire centre now and we gave it a wide berth. Brasov has lots more to offer than gimmicky tourist traps, including its own Hollywood-style sign looking over town, from which there were great views.

Brasov from above

Also through the O of Brasov…


Brasov was a pretty chilled kind of place, these old guys being typical of what we saw in the central park both days.

Chess players in Brasov central gardens


We took a short bus ride up to the ski resort just above Brasov. Didn’t really have much for the summertime day tripper but we loved the local church and wondered what else was up here when it was first built

Poiana ski resort above Brasov


We loved some of the shop names, though whether this really is an old signpost we weren’t sure given the Dracula claims.

Dr Jekelius pastry shop in Brasov

And we were very disappointed to miss these dance championships, given our past connections

Transylvanian dance grand prix

Finally, Brasov had a fairly conventional European High Street feel, including a betting shop familiar from the UK, and just to remind me of home it was Anglia v Suezia that evening with odds on England to win…

Stanley Bet in Brasov



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