Transylvania – the 1st pics from Cluj

I’d always wanted to come to Cluj after seeing it flash up on the cinema screen on one of those films funded by the Media Programme of the EU. And sure enough we got the chance to test our visual abilities with a Danish crime movie with Romanian subtitles at this old independent cinema in Cluj centre.

Cinema Victoria in Cluj

The two cathedrals dominate the old town, with the Orthodox one taking pride of place – there was even a wedding with a billowing marshmallow dress as we walked past 

Orthodox Cathedral in Cluj


Cluj is famous for its medical school and historically injured soldiers (and others) always came here for treatment. Shame we got to the History of Pharmacy museum just after it closed for the day.


Cluj Pharmacy Museum

We kind of liked the new meaning of BT over in these parts. Eat your heart out British Telecom, we like this one better.

BT in Transylvania

And talking of telephones, i wonder how (our) BT engineers would cope with this lot…

Telephone wires in Cluj


Final pic from Cluj was the courtyard of our rather lovely (but reasonably-priced) hotel. The Hotel Agape is a top tip, though we will have to blog later on its farcical breakfast time practices, from which Basil Fawlty could learn a lot

The lovely Hotel Agape in Cluj




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