Our picture take on Budapest

Iconic pictures of Budapest usually have the Danube in them, so ours will too. But our real wow factor came on our first evening with this view of one of the bridges at night.

 Budapest Danube bridge

The buildings along the river give pretty breathtaking views too. 

Along the Danube in Budapest


One of our favourite places in Budapest is the central indoor market, not least because it was about the only place we found where the public loos actually open to the public (though Anita couldn’t quite work out the ticketing system…)

Indoor market in Budapest


The Jewish quarter has some resonance for us as a friend’s family lived here in darker times. Some of the old murals are still extraordinarily well preserved.

Murals in Budapest's Jewish Quarter


The baths are another must-see in Budapest. Anita had already visited the Gellert baths so we made do with admiring it from afar.

Gellert Baths in Budapest


Instead we wandered down to the outdoor swimming pool complex, built by Hungary’s first Olympic champion (champion in 1896, built the pool in 1930). Quite a feat getting past the complex ticketing system again and finding my way to the pool, but worth it in the end. Fantastic spot for a swim.

Outdoor swimming pool complex in Budapest

 Budapest outdoor swimming pool

Sadly couldn’t take my camera in (or couldn’t work out how to ask about the lockers system) so the only pic is of the smaller 25m pool, through the fencing. But even that pool was lovely.

Outdoor pool in Budapest


We loved the underground in Budapest. Some of the old features like leather straps to hang on to, or the wooden escalators (not seen in London since Kings Cross fire in 1987); loved the colour-coded trains too.

 Budapest metro


And most beautiful of all the tiling on some stations. This was Europe’s first underground system, after London.

 Tiling at Oktogon station in Budapest

And finally, food. Goulash was our meal on both nights. Well, it is typical Hungarian and although it was hot in the evenings, it feels right to try typical on this trip…

Goulash in Budapest 


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