Bratislava – the photo blog

The old town is Bratislava’s biggest tourist draw and very pleasant it is too

Old town Bratislava

The castle looks down over the town, though, and can be seen from most corners of the town. They knew how to keep an eye on the locals back then…

Bratislava Castle

Our first contact with the Danube itself (having seen only the Danube Canal in Vienna) – not very blue after all the rain but still pretty impressive

Danube in Bratislava

There are still vestiges of former regimes dotted around the place. This restaurant overlooking the Danube had a rather War of the Worlds feel, we thought.

War of the Worlds aliens over the Danube

And there are the inevitable carvings depicting ‘the workers’ plying their trades.


The more modern sculptures take a more humorous approach to portraying workers…


After the Steiff bears in Vienna, we wondered if there might be an ongoing bear theme on this trip so took this snap of a bear sculpture just in case.

Bratislava bear

There’s definitely a move east in the style of the food: it’s potato pancakes in the local pub

Potato pancakes

And potato dumplings on the other plate.

Potato dumplings

We loved the theme and decor of our hotel: the Film Hotel. Fabulous bar downstairs.

Film Hotel bar ceiling

And we were in the Marlon Brando room

Marlon Brando room at Film Hotel

Though locally another American is a bit more of the local hero; Woodrow Wilson almost gave his name to the town of Bratislava, which might have become Wilsonov, if history had taken another turn back in 1919.

Woodrow Wilson, local hero in Bratislava



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