Views of Vienna (photo blog)

We both loved the old Germanic script on the Viennese street signs, though it can take a while to read some of them from afar

Viennese street signs

We also loved some of the old shop fronts that escaped bomb damage in the war and have survived the decades.

Old shop fronts in Vienna


The Viennese tram is somehow iconic, and the best ones probably date from 50 or so years ago (though on some lines they have a load of new rolling stock too)

Tram in Vienna


As big fans of the Third Man, it was wonderful to see the big wheel still going strong; surely the same cars as were there during the filming, and if not  then very similar.

The Third Man wheel in Vienna


So many famous people associated with Vienna: you can pick up Mozart or Klimt gifts all over the place, but this 6 foot high bear struck me as we passed on the street inside the Steiff shop. Maybe room for it in our Kiama living room?

Steiff bear in Vienna


I’d never heard of the Hundertwasser social housing project but was very glad Anita encouraged me to take a look. The area has become a bit of a magnet for tour groups now, but well worth a look.

Hundertwasser building in Vienna

Riding the U-Bahn and the S-Bahn allows for lots of people-watching. These guys were on their way to a Rapid Vienna game on the night we arrived.

Rapid Vienna fans

And we loved the gender shift in the seat priority pics on the S-Bahn, though isn’t the old lady a little bit sinister?

Priority seating on Viennese trams

The old gent much more friendly-looking

Priority seats on Viennese trams

I didn’t know till we got to Vienna that Sacher Torter actually started at the Sacher Hotel, rather like a Waldorf Salad I guess.

Sacher Hotel in Vienna

And finally, we didn’t manage a photo of one, but does anyone know why there are random weighing scales dotted all around Vienna at the side of the roads? Has anybody ever seen anyone weighing themselves on one?


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