Nuremberg in pics

A few days in Nuremberg with the rellies


First thing you need to know about Nuremberg is they don’t speak German like you learn at school

Nuremberg dialect

And of course although you might look on a map and see Nuremberg is in Bavaria, they really consider themselves to be Frankish, and that’s reflected in all sorts of ways that concern us on this blog…

Frankish cakes

But being near (or officially in) Bavaria means beer is big round here, in more ways than one

Beer in Bavaria

We even found a good old-fashioned oompah band in the main shopping street…though they were playing a ‘Best of Abba’ set, which didn’t quite seem right somehow

Oompah band in Nuremberg

And even more surprising was the number of – especially young – people out and about showing off their dirndls and lederhosen. Apparently it’s the time of year, making OktoberFest rather like prom week in US and UK towns these days.

Lederhosen in fashion this autumn

One typical tourist thing is to turn the ring that has embedded itself somehow into the famous tower that was never put onto the main church in town and now stands in the Haupt Markt. Anita couldn’t resist making a wish…

Ring in the Brunnen in Nuremberg Haupt Markt

Only to be told – by her cousins who live locally – that that ring was for tourists and the REAL ring is hidden round the other side. So back she went for a turn and a further wish.

The real ring in the Brunnen in Nuremberg

Nuremberg’s original town and castle are high up now looking down on the modern city. But some lovely mediaeval homes that are still occupied by families even today.

Nuremberg castle houses

A more modern landmark, apparently disliked by many locally, though it caught my eye, is this depiction of family life down in the High Street.

Modern life in Nuremberg High Street









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