Trier in pictures

Trier, just over the border from Luxembourg, is right on the Moselle, with its wonderful wine-growing areas. The train station map shows where it is…

Trier Station mural


Trier must have been a pretty major place in Roman times

The Porta Nigra Roman gate into Trier


And of course all Romans liked a bath. Just wish they were still open for bathing today.

Roman baths in Trier

The Roman amphitheatre evokes thoughts of gladiators and drama seen from on high.

Roman amphitheatre in Trier


Karl Marx’s birthplace – and they make sure you know it round Trier. Apparently groups of Chinese tourists come just to see the Marx images and memorials

Karl Marx remembered in Trier


I wonder what Marx would have made of a fashion brand in his name…

Marx fashion branding in Trier

Or for that matter these gnome-like sculptures on sale in one shop window…

Marx gnomes in Trier



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