Luxembourg in pictures

The first thing that strikes you in Luxembourg is the language: a strange dialect nearer German than French, although most people seem to speak French too.

Luxembourg My Town


Those lucky Luxemburgers like to live in luxury. Even their loo bowls are high end. Our basic hotel had Villeroy & Boch. Says it all…

Villeroy & Boch, even in the loo

Best thing about Luxembourg is surely the view from the many bridges and viaducts. Beautiful down in the Grund, too.

In the Grund in Luxembourg

We took a chance on ‘traditional’ Luxembourg food. Not sure about my choice (lard dumplings with lumps of fat from bacon) – no wonder everyone stared as my order came…

'Traditional' Luxembourgish food

Anita’s looked a little more orthodox, if a bit Germanic.

Traditional Luxembourg food

One of my joys 30s years ago was the Cafe des Artistes – and it’s still going

The Cafe des Artistes in Luxembourg

And they still have all night piano sessions there twice a week! Shame it was closed for summer

Cafe des Artistes in Luxembourg

The cinematheque has a fantastic archive of 25,000+ films and was one of my fave haunts in the 1980s. Still a magical place, and where else in Europe could you get two cinema seats for £5?

Luxembourg Cinematheque

Last bit of nostalgia. My office 30 years ago was on the 4th floor…

Schuman Building in Luxembourg



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